Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Facing Our Core Problem

(Revised 8-9-2023)

Have you noticed the sad state of our world; the growing discord and confusion, the masses of people who behave like numb sheep, the many lost people who seem unable to use their own common sense and hearts, and the resulting elevated levels of hate and discord and violence? It is clear that something is very wrong and that we must realize what it is, so that we can set things right...

The Core Problem

Most people are aware that radio waves can be shot down from space for internet and phone use. But they can also be shot down for other purposes. The other purposes have not been advertised, but they are many. Radio waves, which are tuned to the same frequency as the human brain, can remotely influence people. And this process is more effective on people who have sustained a certain type of brain damage and people who are ingesting certain types of pharmaceuticals; brain and feeling numbing psychiatric pharmaceuticals have been prescribed to HUGE masses of people through the field of general medicine as well as through the field of psychiatry. And other people are ingesting them through the "traces" of them that have been being found in public and bottled drinking water, and possibly also through other pharmaceuticals or vaccines. (I suspect that filters have been built into radio wave detection and blocking technologies, which makes them bypass the very low frequencies that are used for mind control. Please pass this info onto officials.)

Please don't cast this out as a "conspiracy theory." Even just the slightest chance of this really happening should instigate massive investigations. I am sure that it is indeed happening, on a large scale, since at least the 1950s. And it appears that the remote influencing can happen to whole communities as well as individuals. Even just the pharmaceutical part of this problem is a holocaustal situation, because it blocks people’s hearts and instincts and turns people into numb sheep who are more brainwashable and less caring...etc.
   In the early 1960s, President John F. Kennedy stood up to expose hints of this problem in a speech to the press. He said, "there is no escaping either the gravity or the totality of its challenge to our survival and to our security - a challenge that confronts us in unaccustomed ways in every sphere of human activity.... This is a time of peace and peril, which knows no precedent in history... we look for strength and assistance, confident that with YOUR help, man will be what he was born to be - free and independent." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdMbmdFOvTs. (If only he had fully explained what was happening, and how it was happening, before he was killed.)
   As we realize the reality of this we must be careful to not misplace blame so that the discord is kept to a minimum. People tend to think that "its the government" but government officials are victims of it too. It appears that even our White House has not been safe from the mind control intrusions. I see evidence of this in the unusual behaviors of many officials. There are now masses of mind control victims in humanity, ranging from mild to severe. It may even be accurate to say that most of humanity is already enslaved to some degree. And blaming victims is not going to help this situation. Those who are responsible seem to be some sort of satanic occult, which has been enslaving and using people while they hide behind the scenes. Some evidence points toward this being a covert continuation of the holocaust Hitler was involved in. They seem to want complete control of humanity and have heavily targeted America in many ways. 

Criminal use of brain and feeling numbing pharmaceuticals and radio wave technologies truly is the most dangerous thing humanity will ever have to face and stop, and this MUST be faced and completely stopped as quickly as possible.

Please give this the benefit of your understandable doubt.

Be objective. Be brave. Be peaceful. Be understanding and kind.


 Please print and share this paper - please help set humanity free.

Monday, July 24, 2023

Feel the Truths

Please always tune into your own heart and instincts when you read or hear things, because sometimes what feels right is more right than science is saying, and what feels wrong is more wrong then science is saying.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

The "Five Minutes for Freedom" Speech

    The original "National Health Freedom Coalition" was started, in order to enable natural health care practitioners the right to help people without being arrested and convicted for offering herbs or energy healing...etc., without a medical license. Then it grew into standing up for other rights and freedoms associated with our health and safety and our right to make choices for ourselves, which do not include pharmaceuticals or mandatory vaccines for our children...etc.

   Diane Miller is a lawyer who is one of the three original founders of the National Health Freedom Coalition. In this "Five Minutes for Freedom" speech Diane exposed a truth that every person on earth should be made aware of. It is difficult to hear on this video because Diane Miller's microphone appears to have not been working properly and she struggled with the delivery of her speech in some places. But it was still the best speech I've ever heard and those who know me, and my very long lone stand for freedom, will understand why when you hear it. I literally cried through the last minute or so of it and had to listen to it a couple times. "Someone else knows and is standing up!," my heart literally cried out loud. This meant a lot to me. More than words can say. Nothing has given me hope more than this one minute of this speech has. I have transcribed* this part for those of you who will not be able to hear it well on your computers.

I hope this speech will reach the whole world and help restore our most important freedoms - the freedom to think for ourselves and retain our own hearts and spirits and live out our lives the way we choose to, without any sort of interference from the dark forces that use pharmaceuticals and radio wave technologies and other things, in order to control or harm humanity...

"We have a new element in our world, since 1900. It is the evolution of our man made technology. Current technology has the capacity to control, kill, destroy humans without confrontation or traditional war or explosions. Technology has the capacity to make Mother Earth uninhabitable. Technology has the capacity to convert humans into non-humans, without their consent. Technology has the capacity to change the nature of what it means to be human. Technology, in and of itself, does not recognize the fundamental principle that humans have a sacred side; a soul path - a yearning for following their hearts and pursuits - a need for the freedom to decide their own destiny and to be free from the abuse of power and domination - and our innate interconnectedness... with all of nature and Mother Earth - and our expectation for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    Technology is a tool. It does not have a soul. It can be used for good. It can be used for evil or tyranny. Will those who own or implement technology be held to the moral principals embodied in our constitution - our law of the land? Can our constitution provide the much needed guidance now, and reign in technology, to insure the survival of humans and our planet? Will we and our law makers act quickly and will we construct our [ grills? ] soon enough to save our lives? We are the people.... This is our dream; the sacred plan of freedom - the protection of the human spirit. We will now act, all together, and answer our individual callings to do what we can to steer our sacred ship of freedom to safe harbor."
 ~ Diane Miller JD

5 Minutes for Freedom speech by Diane Miller JD

   I think it is probably no coincidence that the microphone was not working well for this speech. It appears to me that Diane has been being covertly targeted. And its probably radio waves that were used to interfered with her brain function during this speech and some other ones.
   I pray for a strong Light to shine for Diane and her courageous pursuits to regain some of our lost freedoms. It appears that she has accomplished a lot with helping state laws to be passed, which enable us the freedom to make our own personal health care choices, but it surely would have been a lot more if there was less opposition. Diane deserves a LOT of credit for following her own heart in a pursuit of freedom for humanity. I'm sure its not been easy for her.
   The original "National Health Freedom Coalition" now appears to have split up; it branched out into the "United States health freedom congress," which seems different from the original organization and has become more popular. Shifts like this are a common result of the evil targeting that tries to phase out the genuine heart of the original and replace it with something else - something more controllable. Hopefully this is not what has happened here and that it is stopped if it is. Below is the website for the original organization...

National Health Freedom Coalition

Constitutional Rights: It's a Matter of Health and Survival by Diane Miller JD

P.S. I wonder if they also took over Diane's family, like they did mine. I'd love to talk to her, but I don't dare even try to, because it would most likely make the targeting vamp up on both of us and sabotage our connection. This has happened before. It has been my experience that truly targeted people, who are fully aware and have the heart to resist, have not been allowed to unite, because there is more power in groups who stand up than there is in individuals who stand up. And because isolated individuals can be more easily inconspicuously murdered or gotten rid of in some other way. It appears that Diane has not been as isolated, as I have been, and this is good for her. However, the tiny amount of views and support for her "Five Minutes for Freedom" speech indicates that she is too alone in this stand. Please give her some kind and genuine support. Hopefully she never will be isolated and that she still has loved ones who can care about her and support her and that her heart will hold strong. I pray for safety and freedom for her and all other targeted people as well as the rest of humanity. And me too.

Hopefully soon... all of us (humanity) will be fully free to follow our own hearts and instincts and natural spirituality, and live out our own lives the way we choose to, without any sort of interference or harm being inflicted by radio wave technologies or pharmaceuticals or anything else.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

A Ray of Light for America and Humanity???

The targeting has turned me into a severe sceptic. Its now hard for me to trust anyone, especially since I can not do a very good job with tuning into my own instincts under the conditions I am now in. But...

One thing I am sure of is that, in 2024, America should have a kind and functional and honest President who is free to tell us the truths about what has been going on, who has the integrity to respect his opponents and be promoting peace instead of wars, who has the heart to care about the poor and the middle class, who has the courage and strength to stand up for and restore all of our lost freedoms and our rights to make our own free choices...etc., not just in campaigning words, but in all future actions as well. 
   I do not know if RFK Jr. will end up proving to be this president, but his stand in this video gave me hope for positive change...

Reclaim Democracy 

For myself and other torture victims; I want a kind and considerate and strong president who will openly stand up against all levels of the evil covert targeting, especially the microwave and laser weapon and parasite and pharmaceutical and mind control and weather modification and fire parts of it. so that freedom can be restored to America and the rest of humanity... and a president whose heart will openly stand up for the victims of this hell, so that understanding and validation and healing can take place. I have not yet seen any of them doing this, which is discouraging...

I wish that officials, who are aware of the radio wave (microwave) and pharmaceutical and parasite targeting, (especially the mind control part) would fully stand up now, instead of letting another election happen under the constraints of the evil control. EVERYONE should be free, in order for a proper election process to happen...and in order for our candidates to be able to freely follow their own hearts without being targeted, and in order for presidents to remain safe and free inside the White House...etc. PLEASE stand up for America and the rest of humanity

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Light for America

Hate and vengeance is a disgrace
That puts tears upon her face.
She wants us to care and unite
So she can bask in the Light.

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Peace Will Save America

Updated 4-11-2023

Please do not follow any person or group, that has been crudely degrading fellow American citizens, and calling for wars against any part of America, even when they claim to be making America great, because they are actually hurting America through hateful fighting, careless division and deception.

Its peace and kindness that will save America.

Uniting Into Peace


I do not believe in the Republican vs. Democrat wars.

America Already IS Great

America always has been great and it still is great!
It just has some problems that it has to solve and some reuniting
 to do and some healing to accomplish. Its not perfect, but its great.

Follow Your Heart

Please do your best to let your hearts or instincts feel what is or is not the REAL truth in my writings, as well as in other information that is shared in our world, no matter who it comes from.

Standing Alone...

Sometimes standing alone is better than falling in a crowd

A Calming Meditation

Peace begins within our own minds and hearts.

Doing this on a daily basis can help with whatever problems we may be faced with. The more we do it the more it can help us to feel more balanced and whole and peaceful and tuned into our own hearts and instincts. Doing it daily is best. It only takes a few minutes or as long as you want it to.

Sit or lay in a peaceful private place. Close your eyes and take deep slow breaths. Keep focusing on deeply breathing until your whole body is relaxed. Then imagine a large beam of pure white light streaming down from the sky and pouring into the top of your head. Imagine it filling up your head and then...filling up your whole chest and then...flowing into the rest of your body, even down your arms and hands and legs and feet. After this you can hold that vision and bask in it for as long as you want or can, before you stop.

If you can not see the light in your imagination, do not give up on doing the meditation. Keep trying. Sometimes it takes time and sometimes just the deep breathing and relaxation helps a lot. You can get creative with this and try it different ways. I had a friend who visualized the light coming from the trees and ocean and this felt better for her. I knew someone else who imagined a wall of white light passing through her. The light coming from the sky is what I see. You can also add in other things, like imagining a loving angel or ancestor hugging and holding and comforting you until you feel at peace.

If you have a physical illness, it helps to more heavily focus on light pouring into the part of your body that the illness is in. Imagine it washing the illness out of your body.

We can also visualize the Light shining on our loved ones, our business, our neighborhood, our whole country or all around the globe...etc. This actually really helps, especially when it is done with deep concentration. Imagine huge beams of white light shining down on America and spreading peace and safety.

Light is the best weapon we have.
Darkness can not exist where there is Light.

Monday, April 3, 2023

My Stand on Politics, in General

I do not engage in the Republican vs. Democrat stuff. I do not even understand a person voting for or supporting someone, just because they are either a republican or a democrat, especially when they do not even really like or agree with that person. To me, it only feels right to judge candidates by the type of person they are, and how good of job they would do, no matter what club or party or religion or whatever they are members of. To me, the most important things, about a person who is wanting to step into any sort of leadership role, are...

1. How much genuine HEART they have; are they genuinely kind to, and considerate of, their fellow human beings and opponents. Do they feel genuine compassion for ALL of the people they will be serving, especially the poor and elderly and struggling ones? HEART is the most important thing, because when people operate from a place of Love they do good things in good ways.

2. How much genuine integrity they have; are they honest about themselves and others - are they trustworthy? Do they behave in ways that make them good positive role models for their followers? Do they kindly wish their opponents well, instead of rudely degrading and insulting them? Can they gracefully accept defeat? Integrity is extremely important.

3. How functional they are; are they the type of person who can put their ego aside to admit mistakes and work at doing a better job? Are they advocates of finding peaceful resolutions to problems, instead of angrily fighting? This is also extremely important.

4. How much wisdom they have; are they mature enough for the responsibility? And are they experienced in the jobs they will be performing? This is not as important, as the first three things, but it does matter too.

Maybe its time for wise independent thinkers
to have more of a say in America, so that
America can be UNITED and SAFE again;
Perhaps instead of one president, we should have three -
one democrat and one republican and one neutral person.

I want the horrid political wars to be replace with peace.

Facing Our Core Problem

(Revised 8-9-2023) Have you noticed the sad state of our world; the growing discord and confusion, the masses of people who behave like numb...